Grief 101

An introductory course on understanding loss and grief

This interactive introductory class is designed for people from all walks of life who have experienced loss themselves or have found themselves in company of someone else in grief and want to provide comfort and care. In this class we will convey contemporary information about what grief is and what support can look like, as well as teach skills and best practices for supporting yourself and others.

This class will enable you to effectively build upon your knowledge and skills when participating in future TLC classes that specialize in various types of losses.

Teaching Staff

The Rev. Frank R. Williams, PhD

Frank Williams, PhD has taught and written about Loss, Grief and Transition for over 50 years. He worked for many years with Hospice; founded the Divorce Recovery program in Tucson; is a founding member of the Learning Community for Loss, Grief and Transition; and is past Director of the Tacheria Interfaith Spirituality Center.

The author of many articles and booklets on issues of loss, grief and life transitions, Frank is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader focusing on the topics of dying, death and divorce.

He has served as Executive Director at Family Counseling Agency/Our Family Services; twenty years as a professor within the Family Studies faculty at the University of Arizona; and a United Methodist Minister in several Arizona and California churches. 

Are you ready to build a compassionate understanding of loss?

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Grief 101
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Please Note: This is an interactive educational course which means there will be a combination of lecture and conversation. It is not a support group but rather a classroom. Having said this, we will be talking about loss and grief, so we expect that tears and feelings of vulnerability may arise. This is normal and healthy. However if you have had a very recent significant loss and find yourself in the depth of grief, this may not be the setting for you at this time of your journey. If you wish to talk with someone about this in order to make a decision, contact us at We will set up a time to talk with you.